Galobank in English

Configuration in MetaMask

Configuration in Metamask #

In order for you to use your MetaMask wallet within the Galo network you will have to make some changes so that you can connect to the blockchain.

Our RPC link will help you proceed with the setup.

1. Go to Settings #

Go to Settings (ajustes) to point the wallet towards the nodes of the Galo Blockchain.

Enter MetaMask configuration.

2. Locate Networks #

Locate the “Networks” (redes) menu on the “Settings” (ajustes) page.

All setup networks will appear, many of which are testnets.

Veremos todas las redes configuradas, muchas de ellas son testnets.

3. Add Networks #

Click Add Network (añadir red) in the upper right corner, in order to manually add the Galo Blockchain network – as it is not integrated with MetaMask.


Network name: Galo Chain


ChainID: 358

Symbol: GALO

Block Explorer URL:

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