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Technical documentation #

The IBFT PoA is the default consensus mechanism on Galo Blockchain. In PoA, validators are responsible for creating the blocks and adding them to the blockchain within the series.

All validators make up a dynamic set of validators, to which they can be added or from which they can be removed through a voting mechanism. This means that validators can be voted into or out of the validator pool if the majority (51%) of validator nodes vote to add or remove a particular validator from the validator pool. This way, malicious validators can be recognized and removed from the network, while new trusted validators can be added to the network.

All validators take turns to suggest the next block (round-robin), which shall be approved by the supermajority (over 2/3) of validators in order to be validated/inserted into the blockchain.

In addition to the validators, there are non-validators that do not participate in the creation of the block, but do participate in its validation process.

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